Anti insect light outdoor jacket 608-A

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RS-1500 Anti insect light outdoor jacket 608-A

A lightweight jacket with a technical cut and functional applications. Made of durable RS-1500 fabric, which guarantees high resistance to mechanical damage and resistance to sunlight. Specially designed, cut of the jacket and stitching make the jacket fit perfectly to the figure. The internal pockets made of flexible material do not restrict movement and significantly affect the comfort of use in various types of activities.

Protection against insects guaranteed by Tanatex® (EULAN SPA 01)

This ant-insect jacket has been additionally enriched with a special anti-insect finish, which will provide protection against insect bites and parasites. The finish of this jacket is based on permethrin and is harmless to humans and animals. Effectively repels and fights mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mites, ants, moths, lice, bedbugs and flies. Due to that fact, we can enjoy communing with nature, regardless of the inconvenience caused by the presence of insects. 

-Strong main lock
-Inserts made of flexible material
-Four spacious pockets on the front of the jacket for various items and accessories
-Two spacious inside pockets
-Deep, elastic hood that follows the shape of the head
-Cuffs with two-step adjustable circumference
-Ventilation on the back


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