European catfish - how to find it, where to look for it, what equipment to prepare?

European catfish - how to find it, where to look for it, what equipment to prepare?

Today we present a catfish, which is larger than a member of our GRAFF team. We'll also share with you some advices on how to catch these impressive fish.

European catfish is a species of large, predatory fish from the catfish family, living mainly in rivers with soft ground and relatively warm lakes in Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, it can also be found in the catchment area of the Baltic and Black Sea. It was artificially introduced in Italy, but also in France and on the Iberian Peninsula.

It should be emphasized that catfish is the largest freshwater fish in Europe. It can reach impressive dimensions, i.e. a length of more than 2 m, as well as a body weight of over 100 kg (maximum specimens 5 m and weight 306 kg). Its body is long and devoid of scales, its head is large, its mouth is large and strongly toothed. The characteristic feature is two long whiskers above the upper jaw and four under the lower jaw.

Close season: November 1 to June 30 * in the Odra River from the mouth of the Warta River to the border with sea waters from December 1 to May 31.

    Which fishing rod to choose for a catfish?

    Which rod to buy is a frequently asked question with no quick and obvious answer. Before we proceed to choosing a given model, we need to know exactly what we expect from it. First, with what method are we going to fish. The second issue are the fisheries where we most often intend to fish.

    Catfish rodes available on the market are now very advanced. It should be emphasized that catfish spinning rods are rather short up to 270 cm long. It is worth emphasizing that most often catfish are caught from boats, therefore the length should not be too large to maintain the comfort of fishing. You can also buy catfish poles 300 cm long and longer, intended for spinning from the edges. Rod manufacturers try to maintain a compromise between strength and weight, because all the components used in the construction of these poles must be of the highest quality.

    Catfish rod is characterized primarily by stiffness, rarely when they are parabolic rods, more often it is a half parabola, but it is noticeable only at high loads, while hauling a catfish. Catfish rods, described as catfish, are poles with a large reserve of casting weight, which in the appropriate models can reach even 500 g.

    When to fish and how to tempt a catfish?

    The european catfish is not a very picky predator. Fishermen sometimes even call them garbage collectors. The fish will gladly reach for such lures as worms, fish, blood clots or dried blood, red worms, white worms, animal guts, minced meat, snails, frogs, small waterfowl.

    European catfish feeds best at night, so after feeding the fishery for several days, it is worth going fishing just after dark. Please remember that it feeds mainly in deep water depths and holes, for example at the level of 4 to 8 meters. For example, in rivers, they can be found in holes and tears formed by eddies or river currents.

    Interestingly, the catfish can also be searched during the day. Remember, however, that the water should be slightly cloudy. When it comes to the weather, the best weather conditions are light cloud cover and light storms (interesting fact: catfish come out to feed before lightning strikes). However, it should be remembered that during a sunny day catfish hide from the sun, so you should look for it at greater depths.

    As you can see, catching common catfish is a particularly ambitious art. If you are interested in fishing tips or would like to learn more about fishing, techniques and fishing trips, we refer you to the program "With a fishing rod to the water in Poland and the world", where Piotr Mirecki, visible in the photo below, visits our country and the whole the world in search of impressive fish. As impressive as today's catfish - bigger than a man!


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