Fishing in november - what, how and when?

Fishing in november - what, how and when?

November is another period in which we need to change our fishing habits. The days are getting colder, gloomy and damp. The weather does not encourage outdoor activities. Anglers go fishing less and less, and the fish themselves are also less active. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to fish successfully in November. How, we will tell about it in today's blog.

What fish and where to catch in November?

We all realize that fishing is no longer such a pleasant activity in autumn. It is cold, wet, dark, and generally we are seeing a decline in the activity of calm feeding fish. However, we recommend that you try a float or ground float on a few warmer days. You can try go fishing roaches, bleaks, silver bream, perches and bream.

The month of November does not exclude predatory fish as they are still very active. We can try a float with live bait. Spinning anglers can also try their hand at shallower waters, but rather on artificial lures with more aggressive colors.

November starts with a full moon, because on November 1, which is Sunday, the moon will be full and you can count on great bites. Another good day for anglers should be November 6, 11, 13, 21 and 22. According to the bite calendar, you should go to the water these days. The end of November is three full moons - 28, 29 and 30.

Ways to search for perch and pike in November

In November, we can still look for it, especially in lakes. In order to effectively prepare for perch fishing, it is worth having a small safety pin or a safety pin with a swivel when fishing with a spinner. Experienced anglers recommend small safety pins that can be changed quickly. In addition, remember to use a soft, 0.12-0.14 line. The best lures for the November perch will be: hooves, ripers, twisters, spinners and even wobblers.

On the other hand, if you want to go fishing, we recommend choosing a braided line with a size of 0.17 mm or a line with a size of 0.28 mm. The leader should be tungsten and its length should be around 30 cm. Which lures should be used when fishing for pike? The best ones are large rubber bands, rippers whose action is slow. The range of colors, of course, should be varied.

Get ready, don't get cold, don't get wet

Appropriate fishing clothing is the best guarantee of comfort and convenience during trips to the fishery in November. In autumn, good quality fishing clothing has become the basic element of angler's equipment - it protects against moisture, rain and cold.

We recommend going to the water in autumn and winter sets. Appropriately thick fishing jackets with a membrane and fishing trousers are the basic equipment. It is not worth risking a cold, it is not worth getting wet or freezing. It often rains with snow in November, so going fishing in lighter clothing is not recommended. Take care of yourself and dress warmly.


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