Fishing in Ukraine, why is it worth fishing, where and what kind of fish?

Fishing in Ukraine, why is it worth fishing, where and what kind of fish?

We have recently received a few photos from an fishing friend from Ukraine. Katya from Odessa is a young and ambitious woman and fishing is one of her passions, and perhaps the greatest.

Katya Sheremet, a fishing enthusiast from Ukraine, who lives in Odessa has the opportunity to fish in this beautiful and large country. Katya, known on Instagram as She_Ri, started her fishing adventure at the age of 4, being a little girl with her dad. She has been fishing for 24 years.

Ukraine is a large country of 50 million people, which in terms of topography and climate is very similar to Poland. There are many lakes, rivers and streams here, although the most popular is the vast and great Dnieper River, as well as the Black Sea.

The Dnieper is the largest river in Europe after the Danube and the Volga, but it has no equal in Ukraine. The Dnieper flows through the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The length of the river is 2,201 km, of which 1,005 km - on the territory of Ukraine, which means that the number of places for fishing is almost unlimited. In turn, the Black Sea is a place where we can find mainly a lot of anchovies, horse mackerel and mackerel.

Katya in Ukraine loves spinning, mostly zander. What advice does she has for you that can also help you catch these fish in Poland? First of all, you should remember where to look for them, and they gather where small fish appear. The fry gather at shallows. Look for rivers behind heads, on the border of the current, and in lakes on slopes and borders of hills. Most often these are places with a large amount of stones. We recommend using a fishfinder, of course, if you have one. A few days before fishing, it is recommended to feed zander. How to do it? We recommend small pieces of fresh, but dead fish.

The most effective method of fishing zander is spinning. We need the most stiff and not too long rod. We choose the grammage according to the weight of the lures we want to use, and more on them. For beginners, we recommend a 210 cm long stick, cw. 10-30 g. Line - 0.18 - 0.22 mm or braided line 0.12 - 0.14 mm.

When it comes to artificial zander lures, such lures include spoons, spinners and wobblers led at a depth depending on the fishery conditions. It is also worth trying to fish with cicadas and very popular soft jig lures of various sizes and colors.
The key to success in predator fishing, apart from the factors mentioned above, is the knowledge of the fishery. There is no clear answer to the question: in what conditions should you catch zander. The fish can be caught at full moon pressure 980 or eastern wind. You should try and test, experiment and get to know your fisheries.

Summing up and coming back to the topic of Ukraine. An interesting destination for fishing adventures. We recommend it, especially nowadays it is not a difficult or financially demanding undertaking. We recommend checking Katya's Instagram account and following her profile. It will bring you a little closer to Ukraine and the places where you can fish in this country. Gather in a group of several people and go to the Dnieper, experience a summer fishing adventure.


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