Garmin Fishing League 2020, JMC Adventure spinning competition

Garmin Fishing League 2020, JMC Adventure spinning competition

We present a short photo report from the first Garmin Fishing League competition in Turawa. JMC Adventure spinning fishing competition, which was attended by several dozen of the best competitors from all over Poland.

After the stormy inauguration of the league season in Orzysz, the Garmin Fishing League set off with another competition. This time the spinning fishing competition took place in Turawa.

The reservoir is located near Opole, less than 20 km, so from Orzysz, where the previous competitions took place, the organizers traveled 550 km towards the south of Poland. It is quite a large water reservoir, built in the interwar years on the Mała Panew River in order to supply the navigable waters of the Odra River. Turawskie Lake covers an area of 24 km2, and its depth sometimes reaches 12 meters.

Lake Turawskie over the years has gained the opinion of one of the best zander fisheries in Poland, but not only, as you will see later.

What is the Garmin Fishing League?

At the beginning, let's introduce a bit more to the league formula. It is worth mentioning what participants fight for during the Garmin Fishing League Champions. It is title, the best teams fight for valuable gifts and cash prizes.

The Garmin Fishing League consists of 4 editions and the grand finale, which is dedicated only to the best teams of the entire season. Each edition is a Challenge from the competition's partner brand and will consist of two rounds of fishing. Each turn will select its winners.

The twenty best teams from all previous editions will meet at the end of the year in the grand finale, which will be held at a special fishery, about which the organizers cannot write anything else at the moment. In the grand finale, the best teams will compete for the title of Fishing League Champions.

Can I participate in a single Chellenge?

Yes, the organizers of this year allow such a possibility, although the order of completing the registration formalities and booking the fees on the account will be decisive, also if you decide to participate in the challenge, we advise you to hurry up.

Graff is the official partner of the competition

The key element of any fishing competition is the identification of the fishery. Ideally, if we can do some reconnaissance, get to know the fishery, the weather, have a look at the equipment, if we've taken everything and if everything is okay.

It is worth taking care of every detail of our set, because very often one fish determines the success of the entire competition. It is better to have one universal rod that holds the fish well during the fight than two of poor quality.

We are very proud that as a brand we can be one of the official partners of the fishing league and the competition. In Turawa, one of the participants, Mr. Paweł, wearing our fishing sets, caught the biggest pike of the competition. The fish, 94 centimeters long, turned out to be the largest, and you can see it in the photo below.

Sport, competition and real fishing emotions

The organizers of the Garmin Fishing League will do everything to see their fishing competitions as a sport discipline. The competition organizers follow the example of the largest and most developed leagues in the world, such as the leagues in the USA and Russia.

Of course, the road to creating a world league league will be long, although in our country we have a lot of great fisheries that can meet this task. As competition partners, we hope that they will develop and will be a permanent point of angling competition in Poland.

As participants, you should remember that a new initiative is emerging, and it is on a grand scale. It is important that each of you believes in success until the last minute of the competition. We know many examples where the competition was won in the last moments, even in unfavorable weather and poorly foraging fish.

It is worth getting involved, trying and taking the first steps in a league of this type, to which we invite you all.


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