GRAFF 215 winter sets for fishermen tests in Russia and zander fishing tips for begginers

GRAFF 215 winter sets for fishermen tests in Russia and zander fishing tips for begginers

Winter set 215 for fishing in extreme weather conditions

A winter set 215 for anglers adapted to harsh weather conditions is the basis during a period when temperatures drop below zero, and often reach up to – 30º C and more. We decided to introduce this year, even in the coming months, a completely new, aesthetic, stylistic and extremely warm set number 215. Therefore, we went to Russia, to the ice-covered fishing base of Zaton, to test it in the most difficult conditions.

A group of our supporters from Russia, the GRAFF Team, has been equipped with the 215 winter set, which consists of a fishing jacket and trousers. The clothing was designed based on BRATEX® fabric.

It is a laminated outer fabric with a vapor-permeable (milky or transparent) membrane. It is characterized by relatively high water tightness and windproofness, while passing sweat in the form of water vapor outside the clothing. In addition, the sets are made in the FLOATGUARD technology, i.e. they are buoyant in the event of falling into icy water, they help the angler float on the water until he can safely go out onto the people, boat or shore.

Winter fishing set 215 – why is it worth it?

Our brave GRAFF Team members pinpoint the usability of it, as well as maintaining body temperature and comfort of movement in these winter sets. Nobody should have a problem with choosing the right size because they coincide with what we wear every day and the size will be really wide. A big plus is the possibility of matching, e.g. trousers have mounted braces, thanks to which everyone will adjust them personally. In addition, both treousers and jacket have plenty of space for additional fishing accessories – pockets, storage compartments. This allows for high ergonomics of using this set, because everything you need on the fishery will be taken with you without any problems and comfortably.

On the market you will find a whole bunch of clothes dedicated to anglers. The problem is that not everyone is suitable for extreme weather conditions. The durability of the elements of this set is undoubtedly its biggest advantage. Just in the case of winter 215 set there are no quality compromises. The quality of selected high-class materials is the basis, it is a set for professionals and people looking for the best solutions. You just feel safe, comfortable and are not afraid that you will freeze at lower temperatures.

How to fish zander under ice?

Let’s move on to an ice zander fishing. This is not an easy art, especially in far away and cold Russia. Zaton is fishing base in the central part of Russia, the climate there in January is rather cold and temperatures drop very low below zero. A conscious attitude towards zander means, above all, a lot of drilling and a lot of movement on the ice. The best reconnaissance and exploring the winter fishery requires a long time. Two or three expeditions and the area chosen for ice fishing ceases to have any secrets for the angler. And really, only then can you start looking for zander.

Where should you look for zander in the winter, especially under ice? Unlike pike, which loves a vegetable, soft bottom, especially on a hard bottom. A lot of stones, loamy, covered with thick gravel spots. In addition, hideout stone reefs, underwater obstacles, wrecks, fallen trees or other objects that lie freely on the bottom. And most importantly – zander likes a depth greater than the pike zone, i.e. it should be looked a little further from the shore or in places where the bleed is larger from the shore.

What bite is the best? First of all, spinners with an attached hook are the most effective. The most important thing is the spinner’s work, which does not have to resemble the shape of a fish, but has the color and expressiveness of movement to focus the attention of the predator. We recommend experimenting, testing, trying different types of kits.

Mission: Russia completed!

The fishing FLOATGUARD set 215 described here will be on sale at the turn of March and April. We deeply believe that if it survived the winter conditions in distant Russia, it will do well in our country and everywhere else. Greetings from Russia!


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