GRAFF Team presents how to fish zender

GRAFF Team presents how to fish zender

GRAFF Team presents how to fish zander

The latest movie, which highlights our ambitious group of fishing enthusiasts GRAFF Team and Fishing Forge has been published on the YouTube. As a part of friendly cooperation, it was decided to assemble unique outdoor shots highlighting a beautiful fishery.

There are many picturesque spots in Poland, which are worth visiting in order to fishing. In this particular case fishing enthusiasts went for zander fishing. The weather was good, but also the catches turned out to be abundant. Of course, such a trip should be properly prepared, because despite the sunny weather temperatures were relatively low, so appropriate clothing is the basis, especially developed on the basis of the best materials and components, such as the BRATEX® technology responsible for waterproofness and windproofness. Gentlemen, fishing enthusiasts, as a rule, tough guys, who are not afraid of frost, moisture or a strong wind. They fish zander, and we advise them briefly on how to prepare for it.

How to fish a zander in Poland?

We will answer this question with pleasure. First of all, you should decide on a suitable fishery. When choosing a fishing spot, go search for a flat bottom. It should be remembered that zander appear in such places due to the appropriate weather and water level. It gives us a chance to hit this specimen in fisheries of a such characteristics. In addition, zander is worth looking for in the mouths of canals, deep gutters and wild boards, near which it is not difficult to find food. Please do remember to fish in places where there is a lot of daylight. As you know, sunlight can slightly warm up shallow waters, in which younbg blood likes to stay, which in turn attracts predators, i.e. the hero of the video below – zander.

What to use to fish a zander?

Let’s move on to zander lures, among which the most proven are rubber rippers and twisters. Among GRAFF TEAM anglers there is a conviction that they are the best baits for zander fishing. Of course, not the only right one, because this predator also loves dead fish as well as wobblers. Let’s not forget about the rooster, the characteristic bait consisting of a lead eraser and ornaments. We suggest using the last solution in the summer. Why you propably ask? Because in the period of intensive feeding, it is difficult to focus the zander’s attention on our bait among the general cargo, and therefore the fast-moving cock, additionally hitting the bottom, has a chance to attract the attention of these predators.

Of course, you should experiment with the selection of lures and the period of the day you want to fish. We also recommend trying to fish zander after dark. The predator moves several times during the day, but at night they flow into shallower areas of water, just like pikes. During the day they go deeper, where the water is cooler and of course contains more dissolved oxygen. Remember that the feeding intensity is more or less constant around the clock. In addition, a good tip would be not to use a steel or tungsten leader.

In summary, selection of appropriate rods is the basis, the aforementioned the Fishing Forge is a producer of this type of equipment. Take a look at the video below and we hope that it will inspire you to try to zander in your region.

Or maybe you have already been and know the perfect spots for both fishing enthusiasts and professional enthusiasts? Are you planning to go fishing zander soon?


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