Ice fishing with my daughter is the best that could happen to me, says Piotr Mirecki, the host of the tv program With a fishing rod to the water in Poland and the world

Ice fishing with my daughter is the best that could happen to me, says Piotr Mirecki, the host of the tv program With a fishing rod to the water in Poland and the world

Piotr Mirecki, the host of the fishing program "With a fishing rod to the water in Poland and the world", went on the ice with his daughter fishing perches. A common passion connects, and Piotr himself decided to tell a bit about this trip in today's blog.

At the beginning, I would like to greet all fishermen who love and perform ice fishing. Recently I had the opportunity to go fishing with my daughter Majka in one of the reservoirs near Toruń. Why ice fishing? After all, it comes with risks. After all, this activity is unpopular with young people. After all, it is cold and "ice fishing" at all? Where did this idea come from ?! After all, I could play video games with her, arrange puzzles, or do a lot of other things at home, she has a place. However, I chose fishing in February?

First of all, because an active day outdoors is a much better idea than sitting at home, on the couch, in front of the console or TV. When we got to the fishery it was a bit frosty, I have to admit that the temperature was below zero. Initially, the frost gave my daughter a hard time, although she did not give up and we started fishing. Of course, we started by drilling some ice holes to search for perch. Close to the shoreline, close to reeds, on hills and hills. This is where you can look for these predators in this period. As soon as we found the right place it started!

Ice fishing also for children

Moments like this are important when the "young" gets her first perch on the ice. This smile, this joy, this freezing face say it all.

Like the unfettered strength and motivation of such a young girl, proud, happy and content. What more could you want from life? I was the most happy about all of this, the father-fisherman, the father of the child who has that twinkle in his eyes, the same one I had when I was twelve and the same that my Daddy saw in my eyes when I caught my first fish. Maximum level of nostalgia and sentiment. Those were the days! Isn't it beautiful?

I was glad that my daughter was fishing on the ice alone, without any help. I was glad that I could transfer my toil over the years, hundreds of trips, dozens of programs, all this experience to someone else. Teach someone closest to me what I love to do the most. Ice fishing is beautiful and, above all, it is an active form of spending time. As you can see, it can also be a family form of spending time.

Fishing - a common passion that connects

As a member of the Graff fishing team, I know we need to invest in our youth. This is my summary and advice to everyone. Take your children fishing, but not only, not limiting yourself to fishing - instill all kinds of passions in your loved ones. Passion connects.

When over the water, remember about tea, biscuits and something under your knees so that there is an isolating barrier between the ice and your knees. Take care of the children and take them fishing, because this is our future, and don't let their minds be dumbed down by stupid and hateful games, take them away from the TV sets.

Spending time with our loved ones is the basis of social life. It's great for family members to share the same passion. It strengthens relations and makes us spend time together in the most effective way. We pass on knowledge, develop and get to know. Fishing is the art of patience, persistence and reliability. We can teach this to our consolation by introducing them to the world of fishing.

What I wish you all!


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