Irish pike Top 10 tips & tricks by Graff Team member Norman

Irish pike Top 10 tips & tricks by Graff Team member Norman

A member of our Irish fishing group - Norman - prepared for you some tips for pike's fishing. See how he spend time near the water in this beautiful country, and put the all the advices into practice, it will certainly help.

In today's blog we have a few words from Norman from Ireland. A member of our elite fishing group at the turn of December and January went fishing several times and prepared for you some short tips on fishing pikes. Despite the fact that he livesin Ireland, the advices can also be applied here, because the climate is basically very similar.

Norman has decided to write down ten tips for you about spinning and searching for pikes. Additionally, he has prepared for you some photos from his fishing trips all over Ireland.

1. During the summer months spend at least 20 minutes in one swim area.

2. Imagine the swim area like a clock so cast your lure to 9 on the "clock" then to 12 then 3. This way the lure covers all of the area.

3. Change your retrieve rate from slow to pause let the lure sink then jerk the rod to imitate a dying or sick fish.

4. Often most pike are hooked just under the near bank or margin as we call it. Always remember this.

5. Make sure to use a reliable wire trace, its better to make your own that are tried and tested.

6. Always carry a good landing mat and a strong rubber net and forceps to remove difficult treble hooks.

7. When using deadbait in the winter remember that most pike will prefer a small 4/5 inch bait as they are smaller to grab and eat.

8. Use the entire width of the river to your advantage by casting one bait far out and one close to the river bank.

9. Never allow the pike to swallow the bait as it will almost certainly kill the pike as unhooking will be impossible.

10. The most important thing I'd advise is to enjoy every day and never be disappointed if you don't catch a pike. Every day is a learning curve and after all we are fishing which is most important.

Prepared by Norman Mulvany - Graff Team Ireland

We too join Norman's words. Remember that fishing is primarily a passion, which is something we do for pure, unhindered pleasure, so there is no need to worry about failures, but draw conclusions from them.

The most important thing is to prepare for all of this properly. Take care of clothes suitable for the specific season in which you fish. We recommend checking our winter sets, with 215-B at the forefront, which allows you to fish in a pleasant temperature - 15 C.


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