Members of the Graff Team group took part in the largest fishing competition in Ireland - Predator Battle Ireland 2020

Members of the Graff Team group took part in the largest fishing competition in Ireland - Predator Battle Ireland 2020

We are pleased to announce that a member of the Graff Team - Norman Mulvany - took part in the largest fishing competition in Ireland, Predator Battle Ireland 2020.

Predator Battle Ireland is an open annual European fishing competition held at Lough Derg in Killaloe, Ireland. The three-day fishing competition in September is played in the CPR system, i.e. Catch, Photo and Release, which in turn means that we fish, photograph and release into the water. You should join the competition as a team of two, i.e. choose your partner for the days of the competition. During the competition it is not possible to change the team or person in the team. Graff was represented by Norman Mulvany, better known on Instagram as Irish Safaris - our brand ambassador in that country, together with his friend.

All the teams were on time in the morning, so lots of boats and participants showed up at the marina. There were nearly a hundred pairs participating in the competition on the list. After quick boat inspections and first team photos, our representatives left Killaloe Harbor towards Lough Derg.

In this fishing tournament, participants mainly caught pike, perch and trout. In order to qualify for the next day and stage of the competition, the participants of the competition need four pikes, three perches and one trout, and only the longest fish count. After catching the fish, a photo of the fish is taken on the measuring cup and assessed by the organizers.

There were a lot of teams on boats, both motor and electric. The organizers shot a great video of fifty boats taking off to Lough Derg in Killaloe, which you can see below.

When it comes to weather and atmospheric conditions, they were not very kind to participants of the Predator Battle Ireland fishing competition. The wind was quite strong, and the rainfall made it difficult to concentrate fully on fishing. Norman and his friend, however, were properly prepared for unfavorable weather conditions and sensed the weather perfectly. Dressed in fishing sets, they went to their favorite place and, despite the strong wind and rain, managed to catch a few beautiful perches.

The results on the first day were impressive. A total of 176 fish were caught on the first day of all the large ones, but this is a number only dimensional fish, all the smaller ones were released earlier. The minimum sizes are pike - 60 cm, perch - 20 cm and trout - 30 cm.

The second day was no less interesting as a total of 136 fish were caught large enough to be on the list of results. Of course, all smaller fish were released before the full-size counts were counted. The minimum sizes were the same as on the first day. In addition, on the second day, a new competition record was set in total length, namely a pike 112 centimeters long.

We are impressed by the players, the competition as well as their persistence and commitment. The weather was not very welcoming, but if you are well dressed and prepared, the weather doesn't matter. Finally, we would like to emphasize that in a year's time Graff will also be at this competition and possibly not only as a participant. Keep your fingers crossed and see you at the next competition!


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