Mission Czorsztyn - ice fishing in a royal place near a castle at Nidzica

Mission Czorsztyn - ice fishing in a royal place near a castle at Nidzica

Recently, Darek from Fishing Forge went fishing in Czorsztyn. Ice fishing in the vicinity of the castle in Nidzica. See what perch we managed to catch in this magical and great fishing spot.

Czorsztyn lake is an ideal place where you can experience a great fishing adventure also in winter. It is located in Małopolska, near Nowy Targ. The lake is 49.5 meters deep, 9 kilometers long and 1.3 kilometers wide.

The place itself is magical. The Czorsztyn Lagoon allows you to freely admire the Pieniny National Park, as well as the castle in Nidzica perfectly visible here. In general, a trip to this place is always a great tourist pleasure, but we came here to fish. Thick and concrete perch.

Perch from the ice in February

We reach Czorsztyn. It is cold, the weather forecast was as follows: -10 C and snowfall. Occasional, but still rainfall. The lake is frozen. It is safe, you can see the anglers and the traces of holes after their fishing adventures. But remember, safety is the key. Ice that can be classified as safe is at least 15-20 cm thick (in the case of black, transparent ice), and 20 - 25 cm (in the case of gray, opaque ice). Before you enter, make sure you read more about the rules of ice fishing preparations here.

When we have arrived at the fishery, well prepared, fishing sets with displacement functions, appropriate sets of fishing rods and lures, we start with the search. Behind the perch, basically for every fish under the ice, you have to walk. We started drilling holes close to the edge and a second row of holes a little further, but parallel. Of course, we focused on the perch. The first measurement below us was about 2 meters deep. Very good, because the hole by fallen branches and close to the shore is a good shelter for the perch. Later, we drilled many more holes to explore the bottom, find out where they are feeding, and start fishing.

What bite to use for perch fishing?

The only question is, which should we use here? As usual, we start with Mormyshka. They are very popular lures that come in many designs, colors and sizes. We use them in metal or tungsten versions.

What is the difference between metal and tungsten mormyshka? How they work. Tungsten is a heavier material, which means it sinks faster and works differently to metal. However, there are people, and probably most of them, who prefer metal Mormyshki. First of all, because they work differently, and most of all they sink more slowly and the fish is able to catch the bait more easily.

However, when going on such a trip, we didn't take only one type of bait. We also had plaques, twisters, and all kinds of cicadas in various colors and versions. It wouldn't charge for one, we would test the other.

Where to look for perch in winter?

You will not find large perches in all waters, but Lake Czorsztyńskie is certainly not one of them. You can really find specific specimens here and we have succeeded. However, if we want to do so, we should know where they can feed.

Tips for fishing for large perches are important. It is worth trying to look for perch from the side of rocky underwater basins, as well as open spaces in the middle of this lake. We also recommend searching at depths of 5 to 8 meters.

Our favorite spot is usually the middle of the lake. In fact, it is at the aforementioned depths that we manage to catch the most larger specimens. Smile for the photo, a short moment and in line with the catch & release principle, the fish return to the water.

Bite calendar for February 2021

We were going, under the care of the Fishing Forge, to Lake Czorsztyńskie, rich in knowledge. Knowledge combined with experience

As you probably know, the fish bite calendar is the basic source of information that we should use for such fishing trips. We went fishing in the second week of February. According to the bite calendar, we could count on average and good bites. The sun rises relatively quickly, so you can start fishing quickly and stay a long time in the water, because it is relatively bright almost until 5:00 PM.

In February, larger perches feed in the middle of the day. The fish bite best in the morning hours, although there may be better bites in the afternoon as well.

We stayed by the water for a relatively long time, but the weather was not terrible. Fishing in temperatures reaching - 15 C is not a problem if you are wearing warm fishing sets. There were also many other anglers in the fishery. Some people were freezing, others not, but we always respond in such situations that there is no bad weather, there are only those who dress badly and do not appreciate it.

That's it for our last fishing adventure. The Czorsztyn mission was successfully completed. A wonderful place to which we invite everyone. Especially in the company of more experienced anglers!


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