Norman Mulvany, creator of the Irish Safaris channel straight from Ireland, joins the Graff Team

Norman Mulvany, creator of the Irish Safaris channel straight from Ireland, joins the Graff Team

Graff Team się rozrasta i od teraz w Irlandii mamy naszego oficjalnego ambasadora. Norman Mulvany będzie naszym korespondentem w tym kraju.

We are very happy to announce that our group of fishing enthusiasts and the GRAFF brand are growing from week to week, month to month. In recent days, we have managed to include a professional angler from beautiful Ireland. Our crew has just joined Norman Mulvany, who runs a YouTube channel called Irish Faris, but also a popular Instagram profile.

Ireland is one of those European countries that is particularly popular with anglers. The country known as the "Green Island" is famous primarily for giant pikes, living in the waters of Lake Erne, Lake Corrib, Lake Derg, but also in the Shannon River. Ireland is not only about great pikes that were brought here back in the Middle Ages. Silver Atlantic salmon appear in the rivers there at appropriate times of the year, flowing from the ocean.
The local fishermen treat them very prestigiously and like to fish with various sports methods. It should be remembered that the number of these fish is very large, so visiting fishing enthusiasts can count on a good catch. One of the most popular salmon fishing grounds is the Moy River. Ireland is a large country rich in rivers where many fishermen catch fly fishing, which we also recommend.

It is worth noting that Ireland is famous not only for freshwater fish, because it has many attractions to offer also at sea. In the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean or the Irish Sea you can catch, for example, beautiful pollock fish (from the shore, standing on steep rocks, like the Norman in the photo below) but also colorful wrasse. It is also worth going fishing, because you can try to catch fish such as conger or even blue shark.

In Ireland, access to the best fisheries on the lakes is of course provided by a boat with an internal combustion engine or an electric engine. When it comes to fishing from the shore, it is relatively difficult because the waters are quite large and it is more convenient to fish from a boat. In rivers, we fish from the shore or by wading. Waders or appropriate fishing sets are essential.

When it comes to fishing methodology, the basis for predatory fish is, of course, spinning, of course with the use of appropriate lures. We also recommend fishing with an artificial fly.

Overall, Ireland is a great and interesting country full of lakes, rivers and fisheries. It is worth visiting, and if you do not have the opportunity to do so at the moment, we recommend following our Instagram and Facebook, where we will just publish photos and videos from this country taken by Norman.


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