Passion is a Woman - Graff's heroines tell us about their passions

Passion is a Woman - Graff's heroines tell us about their passions

In today's blog, the heroines and friends of Graff decided to talk about their passions. Not only fishing, but also hunting and living close to nature. The upcoming Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to get to know a passionate woman.

In today's blog, we have gathered three our friends, women with passion who have decided, especially for you, to tell a little about them. Passion is something that connects us and forces us to discipline. Discipline, in turn, breeds sacrifice, and sacrifice breeds joy. We can experience this last element on many levels and in many areas. These are the areas that three heroines - Ewelina, Victoria and Aleksandra - will tell us about.

Ewelina - ambitious and brave Diana who lives close to nature

More and more often, hunting is also done by women - called Dianami. At the moment, according to the website of the Polish Hunting Association, there are 4,200 hunting women. This number grows year by year, which is undoubtedly pleasing, why? Because thanks to this, we break the stereotypes that a woman is weaker, that it is a male passion, and a hunter is an old man with a belly.

I am an intern in the Ponowa Hunting Association in Zatorach and at the moment the only woman in the circle. My colleagues welcomed me very kindly from the very beginning.
In my opinion, the Hunting Association is, above all, a mutual brother that helps and supports each other. I love the sense of community, being together in the forest, and above all, the opportunity to listen to the memories of experienced hunters.

I know that I can count on my colleagues from the Circle who will always offer a helping hand and good advice. It is very important to me and I am glad that I can feel at ease in their company.

Hunting is an activity that many people do not want to understand or misunderstand. When your everyday life begins to intertwine with nature, you expand your knowledge then you start to understand its meaning. The sense of drawing from the resources of nature.

It is important to respect and understand the natural cycle and rhythm of an ecosystem's life - be it game, wood or other natural gifts.

Hunting is about knowing our place, our role and our responsibility. Hunting is a passion that taught me this very awareness. I discovered my strengths, but most of all I became more persistent and strong.

It is worth discovering your potential and developing your passion, talents and dreams. A woman can do anything, and above all, she should believe in herself, be responsible for her own happiness and be happy that she is a woman.

Let's celebrate our femininity, strength and power! Because we are all special.

Fishing by Alex, or Aleksandra's fishing adventures

It is said that a woman in the fishing world has it easier, but is it really? It is hard to agree with it and also to disagree, and why do I think so? You will read about it in a moment.

A woman with a passion for fishing is no longer an everyday sight. It is said that fishing is such a hobby for men and it certainly was once that men ran away from their women and all their problems to rest by the water, but the world is changing and more and more women are changing with it.

No one really had to convince me to fish, it was the so-called love from the first catch, although as you read my story on the blog earlier the beginning was not the best, but now I remember it with a smile on my face. There are very few women in the fishing world in general. Compared to men, it's literally a drop in the ocean, so maybe that's why we're more noticeable?

I personally fish with the spinning method and I could spend all days by the water. I can't imagine that I would suddenly stop doing this, I don't think I feel as happy anywhere as when I get on the boat at sunrise and I don't know what the day will bring me.

It happens differently in this world, there are situations when I meet on the Internet with a positive opinion about myself, as well as with unpleasant comments. Sometimes I have the impression that criticism is easier for people than praise, but there is nothing to worry about, it's best to immunize.

The only thing that I don't like the most about is that you don't listen to women very much. After all, how can a woman know more than a man about fishing? The beginnings were hard, for example during competitions you often get a boat companion at random and the Lord assumes in advance that he is in charge of the boat.

I would tell ladies who are just starting out to do what they feel and always be themselves, and it will certainly be appreciated. Each of us is different and unique, and people who have passions are happy people.

Fishing is something important in my life and I hope that it will be so long that my grandson will tell you about my grandmother and her love for fishing.

Victoria - sea surfcasting and no complexes!

My name is Victoria Oldmann, I am 30 years old, I live in the area of Hamburg (Germany) and in February 2020 I passed the fishing exam and started my adventure with fishing. At that time, I was on a parental leave with my second son and was looking for new challenges.

Since my parents, Isabella and Robert Weimann, have been active in the fishing industry for years, I signed up for a course. Actually, my goal was not to fish on a large scale, but I immediately caught surfcasting and traditional spinning. I started planting pike and zander. I caught my first pike from a kayak and it will be remembered by me for the rest of my life.

In the fall, I was more and more fascinated by surf fishing, and due to the low temperatures in the Baltic Sea (especially at night), I chose the Float Guard thermal suit, as did my parents. After all, I didn't have to freeze anymore and was able to fish at -3 ° C, in deep snow and at night.

Fishing is more of a male hobby, but I was very well received by his enthusiasts, I received support and tips from many people who are friendly to me. Hopefully there are more and more women who will get excited about this hobby.

The surrounding silence and a different view of nature, the instantly increasing pulse as soon as the fish "picks" - for me personally it is the perfect balance for everyday life!


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