Rainbow trout fishing and cooking straight from Germany with Hey Fishing

Rainbow trout fishing and cooking straight from Germany with Hey Fishing

Rainbow trout is the hero of today's blog. Recently, the well-known and popular team of the Hey Fishing channel from Germany will talk about how to go fishing with this fish, and more!

Shortly before a strong drop of temperature in weather, we had an appointment to fish in a small trout pond. The thermometer was already showing minus degrees. Lucky for us there was no ice cover to see because the water is at a spring and 6°C warm water is flushed through the pond. The plan was to catch, clean and cook a big rainbow trout. As a special on open fire directly on the water.

Successful with spoon baits

We used small two-colored spoons as bait that day. Suitable for this we used a spoon rod in combination with a small 1500 fixed spool reel. On the spool was a mono fishing line the best way to compensate the strong curses from trout. With a braided fishing line, fish could be lost quickly due to the low line stretch.

While fishing with the spoon, the bait is reeled in very slowly at a constant pace. It is important that the brake on the reel is set very sensitive so that the fish can pick up the bait without great resistance. If you feel that a fish hits the bait, you should still reel slowly, as the trout turns away it hooks itself. With a strike in the rod, there would be a great risk of the bait being pulled out of the fish's mouth. 

After a few casts the first fish showed interest in Julian's bait. But unfortunately, the fish got off after a short fight. It doesn't matter, the fish are in mood to bite. A few casts later the time has come. A beautiful rainbow trout could not resisted the spoon bait and gave a great fight. We were able to land the fish safely and our lunch was secured.

Trout from the salmon board

While Florian was preparing the fire in a fire bowl, Julian took the fish and cut out two nice fillets. The trout in this pond feed on naturally occurring crabs, so they have a reddish flesh.

Florian then fixed the seasoned fillets on a salmon board from cedar wood.

When the fire had burned down a bit, we put the boards on the edge of the fire bowl. While the scent of freshly prepared fish slowly spread through the air, we sat by the water and enjoyed the beautiful winter day.

After about an hour the trout was done and we could take it off the fire.
Garnished with a little butter and lime juice, we enjoyed the fish. Thanks to our float guards, we were able to spend the entire day on the water, despite the low temperatures, without being bothered by the cold. It was a relaxing day of fishing by a beautiful trout pond that we will definitely visit again soon.

We recommend everyone to go on similar trips. After all, fishing is an adventure, it is basically a journey through nature and communing with it in many different ways. In fishing, as in any other passion, there are no limits, because usually people put them on their own. Unnecessarily, because each journey, with each of our passions, should bring us both pleasure and effort, because without that effort, pure pleasure would not taste like that. Literally and figuratively based on today's trip by the boys from Germany.

You can watch the video coverage of this trip on the official YouTube channel of the Hey Fishing team, which we share below.


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