Thermoactive underwear - what is it and what is it for?

Thermoactive underwear - what is it and what is it for?

What exactly is thermoactive underwear and what is it suitable for? Today we will try to briefly describe it and make you aware of how important this type of clothing is in the fall season.

These days, when we deal with sportswear, we hear the term thermoactive underwear. There are many thermo-active sweatshirts and thermo-active socks on the market, but most of all, we hear the expression thermo-active underwear most often. The question is: what does it really mean? To whom is it recommended for and when to use it? In this blog we will try to answer this question carefully.

Thermoactive underwear is primarily high-standard sportswear made of synthetic fabrics with a function that allows you to efficiently remove sweat from the skin. Thermoactive underwear is used mainly in sports, because it works well even with very intense effort, for example during running or cycling. Clothing of this type can be worn directly on the skin, then it performs the function of the so-called second skin.

How does thermoactive underwear work?

In order to keep it fresh for as long as possible, synthetic underwear is impregnated with silver ions. Silver has antibacterial properties. Of course, apart from the intensity of exercise, the thermal conditions in which we will conduct this activity are also important. Hence, as a manufacturer of thermoactive underwear, we offer underwear for warm, moderate and cold conditions. We are talking here about our Duo Skin 100, Duo Skin 200 and Duo Skin 300 thermal clothing series.

The fibers of thermoactive underwear are, above all, quick-drying. This helps to keep the body temperature uniform. The fibers are also breathable, although they adhere tightly to the surface of the skin. The fibers coming to the outside have a slightly hairy structure, which is to imitate the structure of the epidermis. Clothing made of this type of fabric allows it to absorb moisture more slowly than it evaporates from the surface of the fabric.

Natural Australian Merino wool

It is also worth emphasizing that thermoactive underwear is made of a wide variety of materials, not only synthetic but also natural wool. Merino wool underwear will have different properties than synthetic underwear. At this point it should be emphasized that Merino sheep are a breed specially bred for the purpose of obtaining yarn with the best properties of clothing.

Merino wool absorbs moisture very well and keeps it away from the skin. It does not have to adhere tightly to the body like synthetic underwear, so it gives more freedom of movement to the user, and still warms up. In addition, very fine and long fibers are used for the production of merino wool underwear, thanks to which the effect of "biting" and irritation of the user's skin does not occur.

Due to the natural antibacterial properties of merino wool, there is no need for additional impregnation of it. Merino wool stays fresh for much longer than synthetic wool. However, with the difference that due to its properties, we recommend using it for activities with low and moderate intensity of exercise. We would recommend merino wool underwear for trekking.

Graff's clothing offer includes two series of clothing made of this wool - Merino Light for a warmer period and Merino Warm for a cooler period.

To sum up, the most important thing is to match the possibilities of thermoactive underwear to the type of our activity. In addition, you should also pay attention to the impeccable style and matching of the underwear to the rest of our clothing. Thermoactive underwear must simply please us. Fortunately, the typical sports character of clothing does not have to be in conflict with an interesting design. Outdoor clothing projects can surprise us with interesting and stylish design. You just have to find the right one for you.


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