Warmguard, a winter fishing set 217-O-B up to -50 °C

Warmguard, a winter fishing set 217-O-B up to -50 °C

GRAFF winter fishing set 217-O-B

As the classic says: „There is no bad weather for fishing, only a badly dressed man.” Every fishing enthusiast should know that the cold months of the year are often the best time of the fishing season to go to the water and catch a good catch.

However it should be remembered, that in order to be able to fish comfortably in the winter, for example, magnificent pike, zander, perch or other species of fish, the angler should be properly prepared. The key aspect in this matter is the warm, rain-proof and windproof fishing suit, which is the perfect solution in this case.

The suit should, above all, be pleasant, warm and fully protected against wind and rain. Our two-piece suit is not only warm and very comfortable, but also will not allow rain and freezing wind to get inside. It is made of high quality material with a buoyancy function, designed for active anglers fishing in extreme conditions.

WARMGUARD, a winter fishing set up to -50 ° C.

The winter set, as we have already mentioned, is designed for use in the harshest weather conditions. The BRATEX® membrane used in the set provides excellent resistance to rain, wind and snow. Used SUB ZERO® insulation provides thermal comfort and protects against hypothermia. DRY CARE® finish, on the other hand, provides additional protection against moisture and dirt.

It should be emphasized that even at relatively low temperatures, down to -50 ° C, the angler will feel free, comfortable and fully functional on the fishery. In addition, the element increasing the user’s safety is the FLOAT buoyancy insert, which in case of danger and falling into water helps to float on water. Due to the use of these technologies and solutions, the weight of the set has been reduced, while maintaining its full functional properties.

You can see how the suit works in the video below.


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