What fish are biting in February?

What fish are biting in February?

February is the shortest month of the year. So should we let go of fishing and rest? On the contrary, especially that this year's winter is good, we should use this time and fishing. The only question is: what is worth fishing, which are not allowed and how to prepare yourself for fishing in February?

Today we would like to encourage you to go fishing in this shortest month of the year. It is not lost when it comes to fishing, quite the contrary. Despite the seasons of protection, many species of fish can still be successfully caught. We will try to tell you what fish are worth looking for in February, what to catch, how and when. However, regardless of whether February is frosty and cold, there is still a chance for good results in all conditions, especially on ice.

What to fish in February?

There are a few specific species that you should be interested in, including two - perch and roach. The shortest month of the year is basically very similar to the first. February and January are essentially similar in weather and climate. In Poland, winter in these months is at a turning point, because we currently have a lot of snow, it has frozen water reservoirs many times and you can go ice. And if it is on the ice, it is behind the roach, which is more active. Roach can be found almost everywhere. Due to the variety of these fish, anglers can find them practically everywhere.

Of course, the second species of fish worth catching in February is the perch, especially under the ice. We can try to catch them in many different ways and with the use of many lures, but we recommend testing their color, size and looking for fish in many places. Ice fishing in February is an art of patience - make a lot of holes, examine the bottom, the depth, look where you found the roach, because the perch is a predator and will also appear there.

How to fish in February?

The choice of bait and the method of conducting are important, but first you need to find a good fishing spot. The real fishing starts when we find the right spot and the first bites. Now, the basic dilemma when it comes to perches - is it a spinner or a mormyshka? We want our lures to be effective, so you should fishing using the so-called motionless principle. We are talking about micro-movements of a bait placed on the bottom or suspended in the water.

You should be patient and try, test, develop. We recommend variety, for example mormyshka with or without bloodworm, and of course colorful spinners. It is a good idea to take many spinners with you to the fishery and to test them one by one, until you take a larger fish for the first time.

When it comes to roach, as it is one of the most popular fish in February, we recommend the red worm first of all, or bloodworm with the addition of a bait.

Which fish are not allowed to be caught in February?

Ice fishing, and not only, in February is of course subject for specific species protection periods. Remember that you are not allowed to fish selected species of predators, such as pike for example in Poland.

In addition, during this month burbot is under protection also. However, these are not all fish species covered by the protection, because you are also prohibited from fishing asp, barbel and zarte. These species are under strict protection and we ask you to remember about it when planning your fishing trip.

What equipment for fishing in February?

We repeat it very often - there is no bad weather for fishing, there are only badly dressed anglers. February, if we look at the bite calendar and weather forecasts, looks pretty good. In the second week of the month, very high activity of fish prevails, and the forecasted temperatures are below zero, there will be several degrees of frost and fishing sets for the winter period are essential.

The temperatures at night and in the morning can reach - 15 C, so choose frost-resistant clothing. Additionally, one should remember about the conditions in which we fish. If we have a relatively static position under the ice, we do not move often, so it is worth remembering about thermoactive underwear, which will maintain the temperature level of our body. Fishing is supposed to be a pleasure for us, because nobody wants to freeze on the ice or by the water, do they?

What is the bite calendar in February and what is worth knowing?

The bite calendar is the basis and very useful knowledge for every angler. Before each month, it is worth looking and analyzing, choosing the best times for your fishing adventures.

In the second week of February, the bite calendar states that Monday, Wednesday and Sunday are very good days for anglers. If you are planning a trip, these days are worth considering. In turn, the third week of February is Thursday, Friday and Saturday with very good bites - we suggest you book these days for trips to the water. The last weekend, actually four days in February, is a good bite indicator. The day is longer and lasts more than 10 hours, and the sun rises relatively early, around 6:30.

Additionally, remember that fishing is our common passion. If you are planning a trip to the ice, then take care, go with friends or acquaintances and remember about safety rules. February does not have to be a lost month, and by analyzing the bite calendar, properly preparing and if you find some time, it may be a chance for a nice trip.


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