Which Type of Thermoactive Underwear Should I Wear?

Which Type of Thermoactive Underwear Should I Wear?

The basis of thermal comfort, i.e. thermoactive underwear, should be in our wardrobe in the autumn period. You should consider it as an additional protective barrier, responsible for maintaining proper air circulation and temperature. Today's hiking clothing market offers a very wide selection and it's easy to get lost. That's why our thermal clothing overview comes in handy.

Thermoactive underwear should be a priority purchase for every person who does sports or physical activity or athletics, especially in the autumn and winter period. Underwear protects us from the cold and wicks moisture away perfectly, and in addition, it will provide us with freedom of movement. It should be emphasized that the slogan of thermoactive underwear covers not only underwear, but also T-shirts, turtlenecks, shirts, long johns and leggings.

When we ride a bike, run, walk in the mountains, in the woods, go to the water or go to the gym, we do not think about the importance of properly selected clothing. Certainly, many of you, during physical exertion, have had contact with ordinary underwear or sportswear, i.e. you have experienced unpleasant sensations related to its sweating and dampness. As a result of using cotton products, we can very quickly lose strength, willingness, and even get sick on colder days due to excessive heating and exposure to wind or rain. How to deal with all of this?

Thermoactive DUO SKIN underwear - your second skin

Thermoactive underwear is a type of underwear whose task is to protect the body from the cold and help maintain the optimal temperature of our body. Clothing of this type can provide adequate ventilation and moisture management. Its basic purpose is to protect the body from cold and wind, to maintain the right temperature and comfort of use.

First of all, Duo Skin underwear improves comfort during sports and physical activity. It does not matter if we are talking about everyday training or ordinary trips to the mountains, to the forest, to the water or less systematic physical activity. If we reach for underwear with the right composition and structure, we will provide the skin with good ventilation and protection against the cold. Running, cycling and other outdoor and indoor activities, thanks to comfortable underwear, can become more pleasant and safer.

Our first proposal is thermoactive underwear from the GRAFF BIOACTIV series. It dries quickly and prevents the release of unpleasant sweat odors. In addition, it is bacteriostatic, anti-allergic, delicate and elastic, so it perfectly adheres to our body.

Finally, it should be emphasized that it owes its properties to the use of the double-layer DUO SKIN 300 knitted fabric. The outer layer is made of polyamide fibers, while the inner layer is made of special microfibers with a unique structure, specially treated and coated with silver ions.

Merino wool - comfort and quality

Merino Warm
underwear is made of natural fabrics (cotton), perfect for everyday use and for occasional amateur sports. Cotton is airy and pleasant to the touch material. It is less flexible, which should be noted. It does not stick to the body in the same way as Duo Skin, because it is a different material, but with similar thermal properties.

Thermoactive underwear Merino Warm is the thickest and with the highest thermal insulation properties variant of thermoactive clothing in our offer, created on the basis of Australian merino wool. It guarantees thermal comfort at temperatures as low as -20 °. Thanks to the composition with bamboo, the clothing breathes better, drains moisture and dries quickly.

A good selection of thermoactive underwear is crucial when practicing outdoor activities. The right decision in this regard is a guarantee of comfort, efficiency and safety, which every amateur and professional cares about.

Of course, it is difficult to clearly indicate which of our series will be perfect for you. Each user has different preferences. There are many factors that influence the right choice, such as the preferred type and intensity of physical activity.

Finally, it is worth remembering that we have both short and long T-shirts available, as well as underpants and leggings. This is a very big advantage, because in summer we will not use longer clothes, and similarly in winter - short ones.

Now that we know what the characteristics of good thermoactive clothing are, it's time to choose the right things for us. Remember to use, at the beginning check the parameters of specific models, and choose the right size. Below is a video showing the underwear from the Duo Skin 100 series.


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