Fishing jacket 642-O

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  • Detachable hood
  • Rubber reinforced shoulder pads
  • Numerous inner and outer pockets
  • Hooks for baits and fishing accessories

Jacket to the water, to the forest, to the city

Double-sided, warm, light, soft and practical jacket in a fishing style. The jacket is made of a special polyamide piumi fabric, which is extremely light, soft and pleasant in touch. Piumi fabric is a high quality synthetic fiber, thanks to which the jacket has a high resistance to stretching, does not crease and does not require ironing, dries quickly.

The jacket is a combination of the idea of maximum thermal comfort with a minimum volume and weight, thanks to the usage of SUB ZERO insulating non-woven fabric. From the outside, the jacket is impregnated with a special DRY CARE finish, thanks to which it is more resistant to moisture and dirt and easy to clean.

The jacket is double-sided. One side is toned in color, olive, and the other, except the predominant olive color, has contrasting orange stitching, increasing visibility on the way to and from the fishing ground.


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