Hunting trousers 760-P-1

Shipping: 3-5 days days


  • Made of noiseless Duo Shield fabric with a soft grip
  • Adjustable waist circumference
  • Side pocket fastened with a magnetic snap, with a hole which makes it easy to hide small items
  • Back pocket fastened with a snap
  • Adjustable leg length

Trousers perfect for cold days

Thanks to proven solutions, which came from the suggestions of our clients, and high-quality fabrics and accessories, it is a great solution for cold weather.

Trousers sewn from the innovative Duo Shild fabric, which is light and at the same time very warm. Thanks to the combination of the well-known Polaron X as a lining and a flexible and strong top layer, we have obtained a fabric with excellent thermal parameters and great abrasion resistance.


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Women's size table


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