Hunting clothing set - hunting shirt & trousers 829-KO-1/719

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Hunting clothing set - hunting shirt & trousers 829-KO-1/719

Hunting shirt 829-KO-1

  • Elegant and at the same time practical cut
  • The fabric covered with anti-insect finish and with increased sunlight resistance
  • Fastened with buttons
  • Two vertically zipped pockets
  • Cuffs fastened with buttons which allow the circumference to be adjusted
  • Additional ventilation of pockets, back of the shirt and armpits

Durable shirt with a regular cut

Made of durable RS-1500 fabric with increased sunlight resistance, additionally equipped with anti-insect finish. It has a deterrent effect not only on ticks, but also on mosquitoes and bugs. It is not harmful to people. It retains its effectiveness even up to twenty washes at low temperatures.

Hunting trousers 719

  • 97% cotton;
  • Button pockets;
  • Permanent lock;
  • Strengthening of flexible 3D fabric;
  • Chino style.

Universal men’s trousers GRAFF 719 is a model that was made of durable and flexible cotton, which is great for everyday use, during trips to the mountains, to the forest or to the lake. At the same time, due to their outdoor nature, they are appropriately flexible and equipped with a place for a belt. In addition, men’s pants are equipped with pockets with buttons at the back.

The model is part of the updated GRAFF collection, and thanks to their simple chino style and timeless design, they are suitable for both the office, the city and during trips outside the home.


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