Hunting clothing set - trousers & shirt 712-1/835-KO

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Hunting clothing set - trousers & shirt 712-1/835-KO


  • Reinforced knee material;
  • Right leg pocket;
  • Waist adjustment.

Original GRAFF 712-1 men’s cargo trousers. This model is a characterized by large, practical leg pockets with a button. In addition, the GRAFF 712-1 men’s pants are equipped with a pocket on the right leg with a zip. To increase strength in difficult conditions, the pants have been reinforced with a double material on the knees. Pants have adjustable waist circumference and place for belt (belt loops).

GRAFF men’s pants are a light and durable construction that works well as both everyday and casual clothing.


  • Fastened with buttons
  • Chest pocket with a wide flap, fastened with a button
  • Buttoned cuffs allowing adjustment of the circumference
  • Classic, elegant cut emphasizing the figure

The GRAFF 835-KO men’s shirt in subdued shades of green is an absolute must have. The product was made of the highest quality cotton with a dense weave, thanks to which they are characterized by exceptional durability and high quality. Our shirts are a classic men’s wardrobe, so they always look good and are extremely practical. They will work both during trips out of town and at informal meetings with friends and family.

Buttoned shirt. Chest pocket with a wide flap, also fastened with a button. Shirt cuffs fastened with buttons to adjust the circumference. Classic, elegant cut emphasizing the silhouette of the user.


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