Protective mask GRAFF with silver ions

Shipping: 3-5 days days


  • Adapting to the shape of the face
  • The three-layer
  • Antiallergic and bacteriostatic
  • The permanently implemented silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria
  • It allows you to breathe more freely than with cotton masks
  • Pocket for hygienic insert
  • Reusable mask
  • Internal filling with filter fleece

Thanks to its thermoactive properties, the mask provides high comfort of use. The product has antiallergic and bacteriostatic properties. The fabric is friendly to the skin, keeps it dry and allows breathing. The high quality of the materials used makes it a reusable mask.

The product is not a medical product

MATERIAL: 100% Polyamide

STRUCTURE: 3 layers (Polyamide-Fleece-Polyamide)

* NOTE - washing at 60 C is recommended before each use

** Hygienic product (not refundable after unpacking)

*** Due to high demand (we reserve that the color of the rubber may change, the materials used remain unchanged)


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Women's size table


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