Vest 442-O

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  • Additional chest pocket with a zipper
  • Two inner chest pockets with zippers
  • Ribbing at both sides of the vest for better body fit
  • Discreet hems made of durable material on the shoulders
  • Inside, finished with lining and insulated with SUB ZERO insert

Functional vest with ribbing on the sides

The vest is made of durable RS-1500 fabric, sewn in a classic style. Thanks to the inner insulating SUB ZERO layer the vest can be successfully used as outerwear or can be worn under the jacket as a supplement of the heat protection system.

Ribbing on the sides of the vest for body fit, in the same time providing full freedom of movement. Practical pockets and discreet hems around sleeves complete the vest’s functionality, which works well every day.

The fabric from which the vest was made contains a special active substance EULAN Spa 01® that protects against insects. It has a repellent effect not only on ticks, but also on mosquitoes and bugs. It is not harmful to people. It retains its effectiveness even up to twenty washes. To fully preserve the fabric’s properties, follow the rules of use placed on the product.

In addition, the fabric from which the vest was made has increased protection against UV radiation to prevent the degradation of the thread. Thanks to this, it does not fade and its structure is resistant to abrasion.


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